I’ve been experimenting with different ways to tape hoops.  I discovered last year that ribbons with various prints/textures/finishes make great hoop material.  They are unfortunately more expensive than gaff or vinyl but give the hoops a unique look.  I’ve been wanting to try a hoop with velvet ribbon for a while and I finally went for it.

I couldn’t use any old velvet ribbon, I had to use one with a unique look, so I went with a metallic looking silver velvet.  The velvet pile on the ribbon is made from lurex threads which have a beautiful silvery look.  The advantage of the velvet is that it makes learning tricks easier.  It grips way better than regular gaffer tape!  It does add a bit more weight to the hoop, but I find it’s not that noticeable.

Velvet Ribbon Hoop
Available in either Silver or Gold velvet Ribbon with choice of one color of gaffer tape. for $35 plus S&H.

I also found this really cool grosgrain ribbon with holographic tape on it already. It looks pretty cool!

Holographic Ribbon Hoop
Available only in black/silver ribbon with your choice of gaffer color for $35.