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Yesterday (May 1) I set up ‘shop’ in McCarren Park along with my friend Jenn for the first time at the Artists and Fleas market. This was something new for us that we wanted to try, and it was pretty successful. We each sold three hoops as well as oodles of fun and hip hair things.

I’m not sure if we’ll be back yet, we have a few other markets to check out and see if we’d be better there. It was a fun time and the people running it are super nice.

Here’s a few pictures from the market…
Jenn and I setting up the booth.

Jenn and I with our booth, ready to the start the day :-)

Hooping like a Hipster



New Hoops!

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to tape hoops.  I discovered last year that ribbons with various prints/textures/finishes make great hoop material.  They are unfortunately more expensive than gaff or vinyl but give the hoops a unique look.  I’ve been wanting to try a hoop with velvet ribbon for a while and I finally went for it.

I couldn’t use any old velvet ribbon, I had to use one with a unique look, so I went with a metallic looking silver velvet.  The velvet pile on the ribbon is made from lurex threads which have a beautiful silvery look.  The advantage of the velvet is that it makes learning tricks easier.  It grips way better than regular gaffer tape!  It does add a bit more weight to the hoop, but I find it’s not that noticeable.

Velvet Ribbon Hoop
Available in either Silver or Gold velvet Ribbon with choice of one color of gaffer tape. for $35 plus S&H.

I also found this really cool grosgrain ribbon with holographic tape on it already. It looks pretty cool!

Holographic Ribbon Hoop
Available only in black/silver ribbon with your choice of gaffer color for $35.

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be my main page for all things hoop related with me!  Keep an eye out for new hoop designs, events, and sales!