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Now that spring is more than officially here… I think we skipped straight to summer lol, I’ve been enjoying hooping after work with friends…


NYC Dance Parade

I took part in the NYC Dance Parade May 22, 2010 with the group Fitnotic. It was a LOT of fun, and definitely a work out. I find that 3 hours in the park doesn’t wear me out as much as the 1.5 hours marching did. We couldn’t stop or you’d hold up the parade, but here was the occasional stop when traffic had to be let through. Below are some fun pics 🙂 Our theme was Blues and Purples, so I went a bit fantasy with my look 😀

Purple Costume

Make Up

Groovin' down Broadway

Yesterday (May 1) I set up ‘shop’ in McCarren Park along with my friend Jenn for the first time at the Artists and Fleas market. This was something new for us that we wanted to try, and it was pretty successful. We each sold three hoops as well as oodles of fun and hip hair things.

I’m not sure if we’ll be back yet, we have a few other markets to check out and see if we’d be better there. It was a fun time and the people running it are super nice.

Here’s a few pictures from the market…
Jenn and I setting up the booth.

Jenn and I with our booth, ready to the start the day :-)

Hooping like a Hipster


Pretty Ribbon Hoops

Now available are pretty ribbon hoops. I use high quality ribbons accented with cloth tape to make you a unique hoop that no one else has. Pick a ribbon, pick a tape accent color, it’s that easy!

Ribbon hoops are $35 + S&H out of the NYC area. Within NYC I offer pick ups/drop offs for free.
Ribbon Choices for Hoops, Click to See